nihiltimere asked:

What is your favourite social media site?

wilwheaton answered:

I like Twitter for jokes and breaking news, Google Plus for really interesting and insightful information on some specific things I like, and Tumblr for being angrily lectured by twentysomethings with no life experience.


Look at this fucking asshole acting like he cares about the oppression of marginalized groups and then completely writing off how they feel when they actually express how he’s harming them.

but nah, he’s not an oppressor. it’s not like the oppressors of history ever wrote off the concerns and voices of those below them in society and did whatever the fuck they wanted. nope. never.

list of people who have been oppressed by wil wheaton: 1) Kiefer Sutherland’s character in Stand By Me 2) ????

Hit and Run

            Homer Westmoreland, age seventy-four, was pouring his fourth Wild Turkey of the morning when the doorbell rang, startling him and making him spill some of the bourbon on the counter. He swore as he made his way from the kitchen to the door. He hoped it wasn’t the goddamn Jehovah’s Witnesses again. He’d tell them to fuck right off.

            When he peered through the curtain beside his door, he saw one smallish girl in her late teens or early twenties. That puzzled him. The Witnesses traveled in pairs, right?  Or was that just Mormons? Or were those the same thing? He wasn’t sure. Anyway, he didn’t think they had pierced noses and scarlet-dyed hair like this idiot kid. He opened the door a crack. “Hello?”

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